boonville city districts

The first link below should help you figure out what district that you are in.  REMEMBER – Districts are made up of 2 or more precincts so your council representative will also represent more than one precinct.  The precinct names below each district are links for your reference.  If you click on a precinct name, the precinct in question will be outlined in yellow.


District 1 – Sherrie Sievers

Boon 1      Boon 2      Boon 3

District 2 – Bob Canada

Boon 2A    Boon 4A    Boon 12

District 3 – Mike Webb

Boon 2B    Boon 4     Boon 6    Boon 7A

District 4 – Jim Miller

Boon 5    Boon 7

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