Update 3/15/21:  We have contracted to update the website.  At this time we are 2-4 weeks from going live.  The new design is ready.  We are just updating information and deleting old content.  We will also be adding Twitter and/or Instagram for quicker updates with a live news feed.  10/2019: The City Website needs to be kept up to date.  Many links are broken and agendas and meeting minutes have not been updated for months.  Many of the links date to 2016 and are no longer relevant.  We need to update and revitalize the city website to integrate with other social media platforms and give citizens ready access to all documents pertinent to city business.  In this day and age, you shouldn’t have to make arrangements to go to City Hall during business hours to see or search for documents.


Update 3/15/21:  We are working on this. 10/2019: There are no secure email accounts.  Contact to the Mayor, City Council, Clerk-Treasurer and other city officials should be directly to a website that is controlled by the City and is secure.


Update: 3/15/21These reports are given to City Council members as they become available.  This was always a part of their packet.  Reports for the previous month are generally available at the beginning of the next month.  When I originally wrote this in 2019, I hadn’t seen the reports mentioned in the minutes so I assumed (wrongly) that they were not being made available.  10/2019 Monthly financial reports should be a regular part of each City Council meeting and those reports should be easily accessible to the citizens.  This would make it easier for the public to understand where money comes from and how it is being used.

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